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Companionship, essential to psychological aid in the case of vision loss

12/12/2016 · خبر
20161201 Yagüe ARA destacat

The Manager of the Institut de la Màcula’s Psychological Care Service, Felipe Yagüe, has explained to Diari Ara newspaper how patients cope with vision loss. Describing the circumstance as «a highly acute, highly intense stress situation», Mr. Yagüe said that companionship helps these patients, who make what he terms «an adjustment to this visual loss, which is achieved by introducing lots of changes».

Mr. Yagüe added that firstly «patients need time». In this stage, it is necessary to «digest the new situation. Next, they require the support of the family and social circle to absorb the impact», he continued. Finally, «they must redirect themselves to a new form of learning so they have new tools and techniques that help them interact with the world». The psychological support for this process comes from companionship and motivation. «Motivation is vital because nobody enjoys going down this path».

They should not give up «the life that they wanted to lead»

In the same interview, Mr. Yagüe said that the greatest fear expressed by those who seek psychological support is «inactivity. They are frightened of becoming cut off from the world, of lacking the ability to participate in it». Mr. Yagüe believes that «the solution is to get out, face up to workaday situations, the minor challenges etc. Even when they don’t feel like it. My work is to make sure that these people do not give up on the life that they wanted to lead».

You can read the full interview here (in catalan).

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