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اذهب للأعلى

اذهب للأعلى

Dr. Jordi Monés to give a talk in Barcelona at the course “Diagnosis and Treatment of diseases of the macula”

12/02/2014 · خبر

The course “Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the macula” will be held in Barcelona on Friday, 14 February. It will enable national experts to explain developments in the various diseases affecting the macula, such as Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) or macular edema.

Dr. Jordi Monés, the Director and ophthalmologist who specialises in diseases of the macula, retina and vitreous at the Institut de la Macula, will provide a talk on “Lines of research in atrophic AMD”.

During his address Dr. Monés will explain the most relevant aspects and data with regard to the research carried out by the Institut for the treatment of atrophic or dry AMD, which is incurable at present.

Among the professionals to be taking part in the course are: Dr. Sonia Viver with “Treatment regimens for exudative AMD”, Dr. Maximino Abraldes and Professor Francisco Gomez-Ulla with “Macular edema secondary to venous occlusions: treatment protocols” and Dr. Anna Boixadera with “Treatment of the epiretinal membrane”.

The course will be taught in the Auditórium-II of the Barraquer University Institute. It serves to present the centre’s Annual Master’s Degree on the retina.

التنكّس البقعي المرتبط بالعمر الرطب/النتحي (Exudative ARMD)الانسدادات الوريديةالغشاء البقعي فوق الشبكيالتنكّس البقعي المرتبط بالشيخوخة الجاف/الضُّموري (Atrophic ARMD)
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