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“At the Institut de la Màcula, I felt that at last I was getting better” says Cristina, a patient with a severe case of dry eye

16/09/2019 · خبر

For three years, Cristina Paniagua has suffered from a serious dysfunction of the Meibomian glands. These glands form part of the eyelid that secretes a lipid substance that lubricates the ocular surface and delays evaporation of the tear. This keeps the eye hydrated and acts to prevent dryness, any stinging sensations, decreased vision and, in some cases, lesions in the cornea and in the conjunctiva

My case began with acute keratitis that kept me off work for three months and brought vision loss and great pain”, Cristina Paniagua explains. “It has been a terrible few years. Not only was I not improving, the more treatments I received the worse I got”.

The patient arrived at the Institut de la Màcula some months ago in search of a solution to her problem. “Cristina had undergone every type of treatment in different places. We gave her a treatment that was personalised and combined with an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser and this produced highly satisfactory results”, says Dr Paula Verdaguer, MD, PhD, an ophthalmologist who specialises in cornea and dry eye.

Cristina’s pathology affected her personal and professional life badly. “I found it impossible to work in front of a screen. The air conditioning was my biggest enemy. I could hardly bear light. After a few hours, my eyesight became blurred, I had a lot of itching, followed by intense pain that started in the temples and then spread to my eye. Nothing would make it stop; it went on for hours and hours”, she explains. “I started to fear that I would lose my sight particularly in one eye and that I wouldn’t be able to work any longer”.

At the Institut de la Màcula, treatment is determined after the performing of a proper anamnesis, an ophthalmological examination and specific ophthalmological tests. Cristina was treated with drops that were specific to her case and she underwent three sessions with IPL over a two-month period. “The idea is to treat the dysfunction of the Meibomian glands so that they start secreting properly”, Dr Verdaguer says. The improvement was observed after the second session as the effect is cumulative.

For Cristina, the treatment marked an important step: “I saw that at last I was getting better”. This type of treatment is not uncomfortable. “The laser doesn’t hurt. It’s like when you have unwanted hair removed. You notice the pulsing but hardly anything else”, she says.

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