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«Pain is not manageable but suffering is»

03/03/2017 · خبر

«Pain cannot be managed, suffering can». This is an idea of Dr. Monés's that has appeared in a report on the Para Todos La 2 programme, broadcast on Spanish National Television (TVE). In conversations with Dr. Jordi Monés and the Head of the Institut's Psychological Care Department, Felipe Yagüe, the programme focused on the adaptation that those who lose their sight are forced to experience.

Dr. Monés emphasised the importance of the patient’s mindset in this situation. While accepting that «sometimes we cannot alleviate» pain, he said that «suffering, which is how the pain is experienced emotionally, is manageable or treatable». In keeping with this conviction, the Institut de la Màcula, in collaboration with the Barcelona Macula Foundation, asked Felipe Yagüe to take charge of Psychological Care a few years ago.

Mr. Yagüe said that the situation of someone who loses their sight can lead to «depressive and anxiety responses» and the patient must «be open to what they are experiencing at every moment». The Institut de la Màcula’s psychological expert explained in the TV programme that there are three adaptations required in these cases: emotional adaptation, functional adaptation and social adaptation.

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