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Marc Biarnés teaches a course for AEOptometristas

18/05/2017 · خبر
Curs Dr Biarnes

Dr. Marc Biarnés is teaching the 3rd edition of the 10-week online course Interpretation of the Eye Fundus: retina and optic nerve, which is organised by the Spanish Association of United Optometrists (AEOptometristas). The programme aims to provide the tools necessary to distinguish between a healthy eye and a pathological one and to teach the fundoscopic characteristics of the principal diseases that affect the posterior segment.

Dr. Biarnés began the course last Monday. It is set up as a simulation of daily practice: ophthalmoscopic findings are studied and, from there, the pathology is inferred and not the other way round.

The retina and the optic nerve are structures that are essential to vision but variability between individuals, the physiological changes age caused by age and the large number of pathologies make interpretation of the images of these structures a complex task. Most of the pathologies that lead to low vision are caused by conditions of the posterior segment. For this reason, and as a key part of optometric examination, the professionals of this discipline must develop the skills to interpret events occurring in the eye fundus.

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