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اذهب للأعلى

The Region Europe Ophtalmics Network (REONET) meets again in Amsterdam

04/10/2013 · خبر
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The international network of experts holds its Annual Meeting where there will be debate on the latest breakthroughs in the field of eye diseases and a special emphasis on AMD and retinal pathologies

REONET is an initiative promoted by Novartis which boasts the participation of the top European ophthalmology experts including Dr. Monés, the Director of the Institut de la Màcula and the Barcelona Macula Foundation.

As every year, the programme will gather specialists in early October to debate the latest epidemiological data in pathologies such as AMD, diabetic macular edema, venous retinal occlusion and other retinal diseases.

التنكّس البقعي المرتبط بالشيخوخة الجاف/الضُّموري (Atrophic ARMD)التنكّس البقعي المرتبط بالعمر الرطب/النتحي (Exudative ARMD)الانسدادات الوريديةالسكري و وذمة البقعة الصفراء
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