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First Retinnova Congress on efficacy and safety in the treatment of diabetic macular edema

28/03/2014 · خبر

This afternoon saw the start of the First Retinnova Congress at the Eurostars Hotel in Madrid. The meeting will be attended by over 250 national and international expert retinologists who will debate efficacy and safety in the treatment of diabetic macular edema.

Approximately 53 million adults suffer from diabetes in Europe today. It is estimated that by 2030 over 500 million people will be affected throughout the world. In Spain, one in every ten diabetic patients suffers from diabetic macular edema.

In this scientific meeting, which concludes tomorrow, the experts will be able to participate in talks and workshops. In addition, they can attend the presentation of clinical cases and revise the latest developments in disorders that affect the retina. This will concentrate on the visual impact caused by diabetic macular edema, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) of the exudative or wet type and macular edema secondary to vein occlusion.

Organised by the pharmaceutical company Novartis, the Congress is led by Dr. Jordi Monés, the Director and ophthalmologist specialising in the macula, retina and vitreous at the Institut de la Màcula, which forms part of the Teknon Medical Centre of the Quirón Hospital Group, and the Medical Director of the Barcelona Macula Foundation: Research for vision.

Dr. Jordi Monés, as well as coordinating this scientific meeting, will also give a lecture entitled “RVO: Pros and Cons of antiangiogenics”. The Doctor will provide evidence of ranibizumab in the management of macular edema secondary to retinal venous occlusion (RVO) in terms of efficacy and safety, he will define patient profiles where antiangiogenics demonstrate maximum efficacy and are the subject of dispute and he will present the experience of antiangiogenics in the treatment of macular edema secondary to retinal venous occlusion.

Some of the experts who will showcase their expertise and experience are: Professor Anat Loewenstein of the Tel Aviv Medical Center in Israel, Dr. José Juan Escobar Barranco of the Dos de Maig Hospital in Barcelona, Dr. María Lafuente López-Herrera of the Morales Meseguer University General Hospital in Murcia, Dr. José Antonio López Garrido of Galdakao Hospital and Dr. José Luis Olea Vallejo of the Son Espases Hospital in Majorca, among others. In addition, they will enjoy the opportunity to attend the address by the keynote speaker, the prestigious consultant, advisor and business coach, Emilio Duró.

Image: Francisco Acedo @acedotor

اعتلال الشبكية السكريالتنكّس البقعي المرتبط بالعمر الرطب/النتحي (Exudative ARMD)التنكّس البقعي المرتبط بالشيخوخة الجاف/الضُّموري (Atrophic ARMD)الانسدادات الوريدية
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