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“The operation means that I am free to do anything”

02/03/2020 · خبر

Our patient suffered from severe myopia, with a large difference in the refraction and visual acuity in her two eyes, which affected her day-to-day life. The Institut de la Màcula medical team advised her to undergo refractive surgery and this brought positive results: "I am free to do anything," she says

Myopia is a refractive defect that makes it difficult to see distant objects clearly. It is the most common eye condition worldwide, with a global prevalence that has increased in recent years. But not everyone is affected in the same way. Some patients suffer from severe myopia that conditions their lives. Their aim is to correct this in a definitive, non-temporary way rather than with glasses or contact lenses.

I was badly affected, both at work and in my day-to-day life, whether I was playing sport or driving,” explains Sílvia Montaner, a 40-year-old lawyer and patient at the Institut de la Màcula. "I couldn't use contact lenses because there was a very great difference in each eye in terms of refraction and visual acuity," she adds.

Sílvia came to the Institut de la Màcula in search of a solution to her problem. “The patient’s refraction, and after the performing of the relevant tests, recommended that she underwent a different refractive surgery operation in each eye in order to reverse the problem and obtain improvements in her day-to-day life,” explains Dr Paula Verdaguer MD, PhD, ophthalmologist and the cornea, refractive surgery and dry eye specialist at the Institut de la Màcula.

"I needed to change my situation, my standard of living was lacking," Silvia says. “At work, when I was in the office, the myopia did not affect me; but sometimes I had to travel and, when I was driving, especially when there was no sunlight, I experienced problems: I lost any notion of distance and therefore I had to stop doing it. But even in daytime, I had problems again when I entered the garage to park because I couldn’t see properly,” she explains.

In addition, myopia affected not only her professional day-to-day existence but also her leisure time: “I enjoy playing sports, but I was restricted. For example, it was difficult for me to go swimming or to play paddle tennis. Sometimes I couldn’t see the ball or, having lost any notion of distance, I wasn’t touching the ball when I thought I was.”

Once she had undergone the refractive surgery operations, using the LASIK technique and with a posterior phakic lens implantation (ICL), she began to improve: “I am really happy, because my perception is perfect and I am free to do anything,” the patient says. "I would recommend the operation completely," she adds.

I have every confidence in the whole Institut de la Màcula team. It reassured me to see that they had everything under control and were great professionals,” she explains.

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