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The value of the team

08/02/2017 · News
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The AutènticsCat programme on El Punt Avui TV has broadcast an in-depth interview with Dr. Jordi Monés, who emphasised the value of the team, both within institutions like the BMF and through partnerships with other research centres. «You are never alone. You get nowhere when you are alone. But if you combine your experience with that of others you end up creating a powerful consortium which may give you the chance to make progress», he said in reference to the European research programmes of which the Foundation forms part.



During the interview, Dr. Monés spoke of how far science has come in discovering the mechanisms of macular and retinal degeneration. The Medical Director of the BMF acknowledged that blindness «as a global concept, cannot be eradicated because there will always be situations that can cause it. For example, an accident. What we can do is to restore forms of blindness, step by step». He went on to emphasise the fact that some of these forms «have now been overcome but many more remain. Previously, diabetics went blind. Now, if we do things right, this is highly unlikely».


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