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Fusion protocol 23/03/2013

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A procedure that combines on-demand with maintenance treatment so that, even though a wet AMD pathology may appear inactive, we continue treatment to make sure it doesn't reappear. In this way the treatment takes the initiative and not the illness. Unfortunately, hoping the illness can be controlled with just a few injections and that these will not have to be repeated is more an illusion than a reality, as this only occurs in a very small percentage of cases. Banking on such a possibility involves the risk of undertreating most patients, with the risk of irreversible sight loss and much less favourable results in the medium and long term.

The Institut de la Màcula has developed this protocol based on a range of research and studies using personalised procedures for each patient.

The Fusion protocol has been successfully applied for some years now at our centre, achieving visual improvements and, above all and unlike other strategies, the maintenance of these improvements in the long term.

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· Exudative or wet AMD

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· Retina scan

· Autofluorescence

· Optical coherence tomography

· Fluorescein angiography

· Indocyanine green angiography


Dr. Jordi Monés, M.D., Ph.D.
COMB Medical license number: 22.838
Doctor of Medicine and Surgery
Specialist in Ophthalmology
Specialist in Retina, Macula and Vitreorretinal

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