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Eye injuries caused by fireworks

21/06/2019 · Actualités

With St John’s Night here again, we at the Institut de la Màcula offer you some advice on how to avoid accidents

St John’s Night is upon us so this is a good time to issue a reminder that pyrotechnic material can cause many injuries through the misuse of firecrackers and fireworks. These can be mild, moderate or serious.

Eye injuries caused by pyrotechnic material can produce small burns on the eyelids or alterations of the cornea due to particles, leading even to rupture, with the consequent loss of the eyeball. To avoid them, it is important to take great precautions when using firecrackers or fireworks and watch out for those being thrown near us.

One safety measure in the prevention of eye injuries caused by fireworks is the use of protective goggles, especially when handling them. Other measures include staying well clear of the fuse or to wear a cap to avoid particles from entering the eyes. It is also important not to throw firecrackers near others or ourselves; taking particular care that children are kept at a safe distance.

If an eye injury does occur, it is vital to consult ophthalmologist for diagnosis and treatment.

Author: Dr Paula Verdaguer MD, PhD.

Last modified: 23 September, 2020 - 10:32