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For many people, the arrival of summer is synonymous with holidays, hot weather and open-air activities. For patients with glaucoma, the season may bring a variety of challenges and lead to doubts that we hope to resolve in this post.
Glaucoma and sunlight
Ultraviolet light can cause damage to the eyes without the right protection. Light is reflected off surfaces like water or sand and can cause burns in the surface structures of the eye (the conjunctiva and the cornea). When there is exposure over a long period, damage to more internal structures, such as the crystalline lens or the retina, has been described.
The specific case of glaucoma also involves the sensitivity to light and the tendency to be dazzled that these…

We at the Institut de la Màcula implemented an awareness campaign to draw everyone’s attention to the importance of early detection in glaucoma. Now that the campaign is over, all that remains is to congratulate ourselves and, it goes without saying, all of you. Thanks to everyone, the campaign has been a success and therefore we would like to express our gratitude for placing your trust in us.
On the days when we conducted early detection tests, both at the Institut and at the different Ecoceutics pharmacies, we attended to 120 patients. Of these, 20% have an increased risk of suffering from glaucoma. This is why we recommended that they make an appointment to see their eye doctor.
This type of campaign…

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