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The Institut de la Màcula, the first European centre to activate a Phase III clinical trial on exudative AMD

24/05/2019 · новости
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Dr Jordi Monés and the optometrist Miriam García participate at the Investigator Meeting of the LUCERNE trial in Amsterdam

Dr Jordi Monés MD, PhD, and the optometrist Miriam García, respectively the principal investigator and coordinator of the LUCERNE clinical trial, attended on behalf of the Institut de la Màcula the Investigator Meeting, which was held in Amsterdam on 22-23 May 2019.

During the Meeting, the organisers highlighted the work of Dr Jordi Monés and the entire Institut de la Màcula team in having become the first centre in Europe to activate the clinical trial in early April this year. This clinical trial consists of a new-generation drug for the treatment of exudative AMD, the first with dual molecular therapeutic action that lends it greater efficacy and a longer duration for never-treated patients.

Anat Lowenstein MD, MHA, Professor of Ophthalmology and Vice Dean of the Tel Aviv Faculty of Medicine, presented the Protocol Rationale & Design Continued of this Phase III international multicentre clinical trial. Subsequently, Lowenstein moderated the Recruitment Panel in which Dr Jordi Monés participated as a speaker with other international experts and collaborators like Dr Michaella Goldstein, Dorota Raczynska MD, PhD, and Simona Esposti MD.

The clinical trial lasts two years and it is free of charge for the patient. The Institut de la Màcula selects candidates to treat this condition by assessing the patient profile in accordance with rigorous suitability criteria.

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