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Идти наверх

International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2019

11/02/2019 · новости
Día Internacional de la Mujer y la Niña en la Ciencia

On February 11, International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we want to give visibility of all the women that are part of the Institut de la Màcula, a center formed by a team mainly of women

In our organization, women are key in the entire health value chain: in medical practice, in research, in patient care...

We would not be where we are, if it were not for the commitment of all of them to offer first-class attention to our patients and to advance in the boundary of knowledge, especially those vision’s illnesses that today still are not cured.

Progressing knowledge to apply it to our patients and improving their quality of life is our reason for being. From the Institut de la Màcula we are committed to the science and the investigation from the vocation, the enthusiasm and the professionalism.

That is why we share the goals that inspireInternational Day of Women and Girls in Science: achieve full and equal access and participation, removing obstacles and knocking down gender stereotypes.

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