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The Institut de la Màcula and the Barcelona Macula Foundation lead a pioneering study on Stargardt’s disease

27/02/2019 · новости

Stargardt’s disease (STGD) is one of the 7,000 pathologies designated as Rare Diseases. This why on 28 February the Barcelona Macula Foundation and the Institut de la Màcula are participating in World Rare Disease Day, whose aim is to raise awareness about highly infrequent conditions and the reality of those who suffer from them. Beyond its symbolic value, with a photo of our team with the image of the European campaign 'Show your rare, show you care', the way we help to publicise a disease such as Stargardt’s is through our intense informative work and our research to discover a treatment that contributes to halting its progression.

The Institut de la Màcula and the Barcelona Macula Foundation, led by the ophthalmologist and investigator Jordi Monés MD, PhD, are conducting a pioneering trial enjoying international collaboration with the aim of testing a new drug. This clinical trial, which is in phase 2b, aims to test the efficacy and safety of a drug called Zimura that has been developed by Ophthotech, a corporation that is specialised in the discovery and development of gene therapy solutions to treat ophthalmological diseases. The Institut de la Màcula is the only centre from Spain and Portugal to participate in this international research in conjunction with other prestigious centres from the US, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Israel.

Recently, we concluded the recruitment process for this trial and we are extremely pleased to be one of the participating entities to provide the highest number of people. For this reason, we would like here to thank everyone who has taken part in this process in some way: patients, relatives, associations and hospitals or other care centres. All of them form a part of this path of hope.

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