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Presentation of the M-13-056 trial at the Alcon JETREA Investigator Meeting in Berlin

25/04/2014 · новости

The Alcon JETREA Investigator Meeting will be held this afternoon and tomorrow at the InterContinental Hotel in Berlin. The new global clinical trial M-13-056 will be presented at the event.

This phase IV trial studies a treatment for patients with symptomatic vitreomacular adhesion, an ocular pathology that usually causes loss of central vision and wavy vision of straight lines.

The M-13-056 trial attempts to evaluate the anatomical and functional results in patients treated with a single intravitreal injection of JETREA (ocriplasmin), over a period of 6 months. The removal of traction through this treatment can avoid loss of vision or restore it. Up to now, the alternative for patients with this condition was observation or surgery.


The Institut de la Màcula is one of the 90 centres in Europe and Canada participating in this trial. Dr. Jordi Monés, the Director and ophthalmologist who specialises in macula, retina and vitreous at the Institut is the Principal Investigator. Dr. Hussein Al Muhtaseb, ophthalmologist and Co-Investigator, together with Míriam García, an optometrist and the trial coordinator, will attend the presentation.

Since its inception, the Institut de la Màcula has worked on clinical trial programmes to test the efficacy of new medicines and procedures that are still not available on the market and try to halt the progress of eye diseases, some of which are incurable.

At present, the Institut is carrying out a series of trials in phase of recruitment for those affected with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), both in its dry or atrophic and wet or exudative types, neovascular glaucoma and symptomatic vitreomacular adhesion.

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