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Caring for the environment, a shared responsibility

05/06/2019 · News

To mark World Environment Day, we suggest some ideas for caring for the environment and explain why polluted air threatens our eyes

World Environment Day has been held for 47 years and its inaugural slogan was “We only have one planet”. Although awareness has grown in recent years, the United Nations reminds us that we remain far from sustainable and the planet continues deteriorating. In the UN’s view, the commemoration of this day each 5 June aims to help create a sensitive climate of opinion, as it is also appeals to the responsibility of citizens, organisations and communities with regard to conserving and improving the environment.

The issue on which the awareness campaign revolves in 2019 is "Air Pollution"; a call to action with which to help fight a serious public health problem that affects millions of people worldwide. It is also a threat to our eyes, as it can cause irritation and inflammation of the ocular surface leading to keratitis or conjunctivitis. To help create a world without air pollution, the UN recommends using public transport, sharing the car or riding the bike. To cite some examples, the UN also recommends reducing the consumption of meat and dairy products to reduce methane emissions emitted by livestock; compost organic foods; recycle non-organic waste and choose high efficiency heating equipment for home.

We at the Institut de la Màcula would like to express our firm commitment to the environment, from our work as an organisation to the individual activities of those who part of it. We are aware that some plastics are difficult to replace like those used for health materials, but we also know that many other things help: our paper comes from forestry plantations, we have a responsible waste management policy, our water bottles are reusable and we reduce consumption of both cups and plastic elements.

To reflect together on this issue we have prepared some informative material that we would like to share with you. We suggest some ideas on how to change our habits when taking care of our vision: not throwing contact lenses into the toilet, taking eye drop bottles and medicine containers to the pharmacy so that they can be recycled, washing glasses with soap and water and donating spectacle frames that we no longer use, among others. Every little bit helps!

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